Vue Storefront 1 Advanced - 15 February 2021

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If you are already familiar with Vue Storefront, some topics will also remain difficult: Performance, Server-Side-Rendering, filling ElasticSearch with new entities. With this followup training, you'll learn everything to get the max out of Vue Storefront.

What do you get with this training:

  • 1 day full of knowledge
  • Coursematerial (slides + code)

No labs. Additional guidance instead.

During the day, there will be no lab exercises. We will focus on knowledge transfer only and be as efficient as possible with the available time. Applying the knowledge in practice can always be done afterwards - and we offer you the option to ask any questions after the training (for instance via Skype or mail). Our experience is that with this method you can jump to results quicker.

More subjects?

Do you have any specific subject that you want to be dealt with during the training? Let us know and we are happy to integrate that subject into the program.

More Information
Starting date Feb 15, 2021
Ending Date Feb 15, 2021