Magento 2 Backend Development II - 15 November 2021

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Magento 2 has arrived. This training is the second part of our Magento 2 developer training that gives developers a kickstart to start developing in Magento 2. Part one focussed on Dependency Injection and composer. This training focuses on practicing DI, building a backend module and advanced topics like unit testing.

Diving into depth into Magento 2

Magento 2 development is quite different from Magento 1 development. Dependency Injection allows you to change which class is used, but in practice it takes also knowledge of the Magento Framework. This training is part 2 of 2: Part 1 focused on Dependency Injection configuration, composer and deployments. This training takes that knowledge and uses it to cover MVC and modelling, EAV and database interaction, observers, backend widgets and unit testing.
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Starting date Nov 15, 2021
Ending Date Nov 16, 2021