Magento 2 GraphQL API Development - On Demand Training

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Magento 2 GraphQL Development

Status: Complete
Last updated: 2023-04-13
Number of lessons: 20
Number of slides: 82
Videos: 2 hours

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Course content

Magento 2 GraphQL Development

  • GraphQL basics
  • Introduction to GraphQL
  • GraphQL clients
  • GraphQL queries
  • Assignment: Make some queries
  • GraphQL mutations
  • 04-mutations-assignment
  • GraphQL call types
  • GraphQL fragments
  • GraphQL directives
  • GraphQL schema discovery and introspection
  • Magento GraphQL API
  • Introducing the Magento GraphQL API
  • Adding a custom GraphQL endpoint
  • Extending the GraphQL storeConfig endpoint
  • Resolver $context argument
  • GraphQL resolvers
  • Testing GraphQL endpoints
  • GraphQL URL resolving
  • GraphQL caching
  • Exception handling
  • Tips and tricks with the GraphQL API