Magento 2 Magewire Development On Demand Training

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Magento 2 Magewire Development

Status: Complete
Last updated: 2024-06-08
Number of lessons: 42
Number of slides: 160
Videos: 6.7 hours

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Course content

Magento 2 Magewire Development

  • Introduction
  • Course introduction
  • About Magewire
  • What is MageWire?
  • Requirements for this course
  • My Development Setup
  • Getting started
  • Magewire installation
  • Assignment: Install MageWire
  • Troubleshooting MageWire installation
  • MageWire basics
  • Example module with MageWire
  • Binding handlers
  • Magewire with lists
  • Modifiers for binding handlers
  • `wire:select` modifier
  • Assignment: Create a simple counter component
  • Example counter with MageWire
  • Example counter with MageWire (advanced)
  • Magewire being `dirty`
  • Example: Switch the block template
  • Magewiring forms
  • Magic actions
  • Add Hyva styling to your component
  • Architecture
  • Initializing content via `wire:init`
  • How MageWire loads data
  • MageWire HTTP calls
  • Component classes
  • MageWire, ViewModel or Block?
  • Combination with AlpineJS
  • Combining MageWire with Alpine
  • Hooks and events
  • Component hooks
  • Client-side hooks
  • Events and listeners
  • JavaScript events
  • Magento events
  • Different events, different scenarios
  • JS customization
  • Entanglement
  • The Magewire JavaScript object
  • Advanced topics
  • Hydrators
  • Nesting components
  • Nesting components with the same class
  • Strong typing and Magewire
  • Dom Diffing issues
  • Magewire scenarios
  • A product finder based on Magewire
  • Adding Magewire to the minicart