MTF2 Contribution Day

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On Friday, March 8th, the day after the main event, we will organize - together with Magento - a Magento Contribution Day. Normally such a Contribution Day - aka a hackathon - opens up for the possibility to work on any issue or project. However, because MageTestFest is so heavily focused on testing, this Contribution Day will focus solely on testing as well: Unit tests, integration tests, MFTF, JavaScript tests.

Various members of the Magento core team, including specialists of the new Magento Functional Testing Framework, will be there to help you out with optimizing Magento tests or help you write your own tests. It's putting into practice what you have learned the days before.

More Information
Starting date Mar 8, 2019
Ending Date Mar 8, 2019
Location To be determined, Florence, Italy